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Frequently Asked Questions About:

Online Banking
Bill Payment
Check Images
Multifactor Authentication

Online Banking

How do I get set up for Online Banking?
How much does Online Banking cost?
What is my Royal Online ID?
How do I change my Royal Online ID?
How do I change how my accounts are titled?
What if I forget my Royal Online PIN?
What types of accounts and services are included in Online Banking?
What types of accounts can I transfer funds to and from?
When will my transfer take place?
How can I safeguard my personal information?
What if I have questions or need to talk to the bank?

Bill Payment

What is Bill Payment?
What do I need to start Bill Payment?
Who can I pay using Bill payment?
How do I add a payment?
How do I add a payee?
How long will my payees stay on Online Banking?
How much does Bill Payment service cost?
When do my Bill Payment transactions appear on Online Banking?
How do I cancel a Bill Payment?
How much notice does the bank need to send the payment?
What happens if I do not have enough money in my account for a payment I’ve set up?

Check Images

How do I see my checks?
When do my checks appear on Online Banking?
How long will my checks remain on Online Banking?
How do I print a copy of my check?


What is an E-Statement?
How do I begin getting E-Statements?
What if I have a joint account? Can I still sign up?
Are E-Statements available for businesses?
How do I view E-Statements?
Can I print a copy?
How long will I be able to see this month’s statement?

Multifactor Authentication

What is Multifactor Authentication?
Why do I need Multifactor Authentication?
How does it work?
How is Multifactor Authentication more secure?
Why am I being asked a question when I try to log in?
Can I access my account from multiple computers?
I share my computer with someone who has their own bank account. Can both of us still log in from this machine?
What happens if someone steals my password? How will Multifactor Authentication keep them from accessing my account?
What is Phishing?
What is Trojan or Key Logger?


Online Banking


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