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About Us

It's Really About YOU

The customers we get to work with and the communities we're a part of are what keep us coming back every day. One of the best things about Royal Bank is that we're a community bank, which means we're passionate about creating true partnerships and making you successful.

It also means that your money and decisions about your money stay local. We know that you like to do business with people, so we specialize in high-touch relationships with high-tech solutions. We believe in treating you how you want to be treated, so we dream big with you, work together to find solutions and make things happen.  We're experts in our field and are passionate about all things local.  

While you're here...
Because you did click on the About Us page, we figured it's still important to share a little history of who we are and why we're here.

People are usually surprised to learn that we have 21 locations in southwest Wisconsin, and we think it's our best kept secret! The truth is that we're a fairly large bank with access to the latest banking tech, resources and services the big banks have while specializing in locally-controlled offices that make decisions based on the communities they're in. We aren't kidding when we say we're passionate about all things local - we believe in creating a true partnership with the communities and people that help us grow. 

In October of 1990, Royal Bank planted roots in the towns of Elroy, Lone Rock, Avoca and Spring Green. Since that time, we've grown to 21 office locations in the order of Gays Mills, Hillsboro, Cobb, Endeavor, Camp Douglas, Oxford, Dickeyville, Mauston, New Lisbon, Adams, Cassville, Viroqua, Lancaster, Cazenovia, La Valle, Richland Center and Prairie du Chien.

Want to know more?

We love visitors, so stop in or give us a call. If that's not your thing, you can log into our Mobile App or Online Banking platform to use our chat feature (and talk to a real live human!) or browse our website for more information. Talk soon!