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Equipment Loans & Leasing

Updating worn out technology, replacing essential assets or acquiring new equipment is vital to running your business efficiently. Whether you are buying new or used, Royal Bank offers business loan and leasing options to meet your needs.
  • Keep up with changes in technology
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Maintain your competitive advantage
Our team of experienced and award-winning lenders take the time to understand your individual goals, educate you on available options and work with you to find a fitting financial solution. In addition, decisions are made locally so your financial information stays local and decisions are made fast.


The business lending team at Royal Bank is experienced in helping businesses grow. A vehicle or equipment loan allows you to expand your business without tying up existing capital. We provide long-term and short-term lending to accommodate your changing business needs, allowing you to allocate resources efficiently.
  • Long-term financing for financial flexibility
  • Local decisions for fast turnaround
  • Competitive interest rates


Whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle or piece of equipment, Royal Bank has leasing options that allow you to operate efficiently without having to liquidate capital resources or disrupt cash reserves. We offer optimal leasing solutions so you can improve your business efficiency and improve production capabilities before your first payment.
  • Fast decisions to move your business forward efficiently
  • Flexible terms and competitive interest rates
  • Acquire equipment without depleting assets
Contact a member of our lending team to learn more and move your business forward today.