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US Savings Bonds

Purchasing Savings Bonds

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has discontinued over-the-counter sales of paper savings bonds including sales through financial institutions and applications mailed directly to the Federal Reserve Bank by customers.

Although paper bonds have been discontinued, electronic Series EE and Series I Savings Bonds remain available for purchase via TreasuryDirect. This secure, web-based system, operated by the Bureau of the Public Debt, has been used by investors since 2002 to purchase savings bonds online.
  • You can purchase, manage and redeem electronic savings bonds online through
  • Electronic savings bonds are secure and convenient to manage through TreasuryDirect, and investors no longer have to worry about misplacing, losing or storing savings bonds.
  • In addition, with a TreasuryDirect account, customers can purchase electronic savings bonds as gifts and also convert paper savings bonds to electronic.

Redeeming Savings Bonds

Royal Bank will continue to redeem paper savings bonds at any of our convenient locations.

Additionally, paper bonds which have not yet matured but are lost, stolen or destroyed can be reissued in paper or electronic form.

You can quickly and easily find out what your U.S. Savings Bond is worth today by using the following:
  • Savings Bond Calculator-  You can price Series EE, E, I bonds, and Savings Notes and even build an inventory to check your bonds' values without reentering the information. Features include current interest rate, next accrual date, final maturity date, year-to-date interest earned, and more.
  • Savings Bond Wizard® - A software program you can download to your local PC to manage your savings bonds, print your savings bond inventory, find the redemption value of your bonds, and the interest your bonds have earned.