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Recreational Loans

One of the many benefits of living in or visiting Wisconsin is the rich landscape that surrounds us — rolling hills, plentiful lakes and streams and endless wildlife. We are fortunate to have abundant camping sites, bike trails, lakes and country roads to travel and explore. Whether you're looking for a recreational vehicle or recreational gear, we have financing available for you.

Ask about a Royal Bank recreational loan for:
  • Motorcycle loan
  • Motorhome or RV financing
  • Boat loan
  • ATV, golf cart or snowmobile loan
  • Vehicle loan 
In addition to vehicles and hobbies, we also finance recreational land for hunting and fishing; hiking, biking and exploring; or investment property.

Our loans come with highly competitive rates and flexible terms. Our team of experienced and award-winning lenders take the time to understand your individual interests and goals and educate you on available options. We will work with you to find a fitting financial solution for your recreation dreams. In addition, decisions are made locally so your financial information stays local and decisions are made fast.

Contact a member of our lending team today to apply or learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much you can afford depends on your income, expenses and ability to repay the loan. A member of the Royal Bank lending team can help determine an amount that is right for you. You can also access our convenient loan calculators to help determine what you can afford.
There are many variables to consider when determining both interest rates and terms, including credit score. We work closely with you to determine a feasible monthly payment and repayment options that fit your unique needs and goals. Contact a member of our lending team today to discuss your loan.
Yes. By applying for a loan now, we can help you determine your price range. You'll be able to approach the bargaining table with added confidence and ready to make a deal.
Whether you choose to purchase from a private seller or from a dealership, we offer flexible, competitive financing options. Contact your local lender for an application today! Be prepared to fill out an application, show proof of income, and provide relevant information about your prospective purchase.
Royal Bank recreational loan terms are flexible. You can use your savings or draw from another source to make a down payment.

Consult a member of our lending team to discuss your options.