Shop, Dine & Spend Local

When shopping for the perfect gifts for friends and décor for your home, consider starting in your own backyard to support our local economy. Shopping locally not only saves you time and gas money, but also benefits local families and our communities in a big way...

Small business restaurant dining area.

Your money stays local. Every dollar spent at locally owned businesses returns a higher dividend to our local economy, compared to national and online retailers.

Creating connection. Shopping locally helps you connect with people in your community and learn about the unique offerings of the area.

Personalized service. Small businesses are typically family-owned and operated, which can contribute to a more personalized shopping experience and easier access for questions about a product. 

Consider shopping local to help support small businesses in our area throughout the holiday seasons and year-round. At Royal Bank, we always enjoy the opportunity to patronize our local businesses and have already done some of the heavy lifting for you!

Some of our favorite gift-giving ideas when shopping local are:

Creative gift-giving. Small businesses often have access to local artisans that are exclusive to the region and typically hand-pick the items they sell, creating a more unique and memorable gifting experience.

Gift a memory. Especially if you’re shopping for someone who seems to have everything already, consider a date night or day trip to help create memories that will last. Create a full experience by purchasing gift cards to a local restaurant, museum and an adventure. Think about off-season activities like canoeing, a park pass or skiing to be enjoyed later on.

Take them on a tour. Gather items from various small businesses to create a basket that features items from multiple local businesses. This may encourage the recipient to visit the retailers and keep the ‘go local’ trend going.